Products & Services

On-Site Fire Extinguishing

We offer on-site fire extinguisher service on an annual, semi-annual, monthly, and on-call basis. We also have walk-in and “while-u-wait” service at our shop. We service and sell Emergency Lights and Exit Lights, as well as replacement batteries and bulbs.

Services we provide

  1. Emergency light inspection / installed
  2. Exit light inspection / installed
  3. CO2 refills cylinders and cartridge for paintball, soda,beer, fish tanks, gear shifters, etc,
  4. Fire extinguisher inspections
  5. Hydrostatic maintenance
  6. Kitchen hood
  7. Fire alarm and sprinklers 

Our Expertise

We fill CO2 (carbon dioxide) cylinders and cartridges for paintball, soda, beer, fish tanks, gear shifters, etc. 

We have the areas largest test chamber/water jacket and offer D.O.T. testing and re-certification of cylinders such as SCBA, SCUBA, CO2, Medical type, freon, and others. We can perform “Visual Plus” inspections, also called eddy current tests, on SCUBA cylinders.

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 1. Extinguishers (new and used 2.5, 5 10 and 20 lbs)
2. Emergency and exit light
3. Locator signs
4. Accesories

We also sell some reconditioned fire extinguishers.
We sell reconditioned CO2 cylinders – for beer, soda, airbrush, paintball, etc.

Our Other products include:

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Please contact us for more information on the products and services we offer.